ABHES Header for Course


     - Role: Teacher, Editing Teacher

All Moodle Courses must have the required resources within the header of the course. You can follow the below guide to import them from the approved course shell.

1: Navigate to Your Course
2: Click on "Import" listed under "Course Administration"
3: Type in "ABHES" in the search box
4: Click on the "ABHES Shell Template" course
5: Un-Check "Filters", Click Next
6: On the "Select All/None" Click "None"
7: Select the following,
- General
- Faculty Bio/Welcome
- Office Hours
- Syllabus
- Student Services
- Financial Aid
- Help Desk Ticket Link
- News Forum
- Ask Questions About the Course Here
8: Click Next
9: Click "Perform Import"
10: Click "Continue"

After the Import has finished it is recommended to clean up your course header