Web Application Status

Is it our Network? Is it your Internet/PC?

This status page will answer that simple question.

The current status of all web services at the Baptist School of Health Professions is shown below. If there is a "Red" icon for a service status than it means the current web service is down and we are currently working to resolve the issue.

You can also view a complete history at http://status.bshp.edu

status - SSO Login Services ( login.bshp.edu )

status - Identity Provider ( idp.bshp.edu )

status - Identity Management ( idm.bshp.edu )

status - SonisWeb ( sonis.bshp.edu )

status - Moodle 2 Web Application ( moodle2.bshp.edu )

status - Camtasia Relay Video Publisher ( lectures.bshp.edu )